Scenes That Star Trek Actors Regret Filming

Scenes That Star Trek Actors Regret Filming

For all of the memorable and powerful moments you can find in the Star Trek franchise, you’re bound to also find a few that don’t really work, whether they’re out of character, straight up embarrassing, or just plain disappointing. And it’s not only the fans that feel it; chances are that if you hated something in Star Trek, the actors involved probably also hated it.

Many actors have spoken out about parts of the show they just didn’t want to be involved in, so here are a few scenes that Star Trek actors regret filming.

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The ‘Enterprise’ finale | 0:00
Trip’s death | 1:39
RIP, Kirk | 2:08
RIP, Kirk again | 3:00
Spock’s Brain | 4:15
Sisko’s shame | 5:07
Genetic modification | 5:57
Crusher loves lamp | 6:49
The Ferengi | 7:37
Teri Garr hated everything | 8:28
Goop | 9:38
Harry Kim got shafted | 10:21

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